A Message From the Chief Justice
about the Rule of Law

The Honourable
Chief Justice
Joseph P. Kennedy

Take a moment to think about the rule of law. Look around this planet and consider the divide between countries in which the rule of law exists and those where it is not maintained.

Now consider the lives of the citizens of both kinds of societies.

Think about those jurisdictions in which the rule of law has been compromised and how the wellbeing of their population has deteriorated.

In Nova Scotia and in Canada, we are governed by the rule of law. That means all Canadians — the wealthy, the poor, the powerful, the weak — are subject to the same laws, not just in theory, but in reality. We are lucky people living in a lucky country.

We have been fortunate in our leadership and as a result, fortunate in the way this country has evolved.

The combination of a parliamentary democracy where common law prevails is the gift and the legacy that our forefathers gave us, which we have fostered and maintained.