Rule 1 Citation, Application And Interpretation
1.01 Citation
1.02 Application
1.03 Object of Rules
1.04 Application of Interpretation Act and Civil Procedure Rules
1.05 Definitions
1.06 Waiver of Rule by agreement
Rule 2 Effect of Non-compliance
2.01 Non-compliance with Rules
Rule 3 Time
3.01 Computation of time
3.02 Time Definition Act
3.03 Extension, etc. of time
Rule 4 Forms and Practice Memoranda
4.01 Forms
4.02 Practice memoranda
Rule 5 Parties
5.01 More than 1 party
5.02 Third person as party
5.03 Order seperate hearings
5.04 Change of parties
5.05 Representation
5.06 Litigation guardian
5.07 Appointment of litigation guardian
5.08 Replacement, discharge and duties
5.09 As amicus curiae
Rule 6 Commencement of Proceedings
6.01 Definitions for Rule 6
6.02 Contact information
  Form FC 1 Statement of Contact Info and Circumstances
6.03 Family court officer filing
6.04 Fax filing
6.05 Starting a proceeding
  Form 6.02A Notice of Application
  Form 6.02B Notice of Variation Application
  Form 6.02C Response to Application
  Form 6.02D Response to Variation Application
6.06 Disclosure by parenting statement and deadline for filing
  Form FC 2A Parenting Statement
  Form FC 2B Statement of Contact Time and Interaction
6.07 Disclosure by financial statements
  Form FC 3 Statement of Income
  Form FC 4 Statement of Special or Extraordinary Expenses
  Form FC 5 Statement of Undue Hardship Circumstances
  Form FC 6 Statement of Expenses
  Form FC 7 Statement of Property
  Form FC 8 Waiver of Financial Statements
6.08 Disclosure of financial information for child support and other claims
6.09 Disclosure by affidavit
6.10 Deadlines for filing financial statements
6.11 Direction to disclose
  Form 6.11 Direction to Disclose
6.12 Order to appear and disclose
  Form 6.12A Order to Appear and Disclose
  Form 6.12B Order to Disclose
6.13 Order for disclosure by non-party
  Form 6.13 Order for Disclosure by a Non-Party
6.14 Court-based ADR
6.15 Court-based ADR meeting and directions
  Form 6.15 Direction to Appear
6.16 Conduct of court-based ADR
6.17 Consent order in court-based ADR
6.18 Interim order for child support
  Form FCO 1 Interim Order for Child Support
6.19 Variation of, or setting aside, a family court officer’s order
6.20 Court-based ADR record
  Form 6.20 Court-Based ADR Record
6.21 Referral to court
  Form 6.21 Notice to Appear in Court
6.22 Arrange pre-hearing conference
6.23 Arrange settlement conference
6.24 Parent information program
Rule 7 Notice and Place of Proceeding
7.01 Place of proceeding
7.02 Notice
7.03 Service
7.04 Substituted service
7.05 Affidavit of service
7.06 Ex parte applications and motions
Rule 8 Amendment
8.01 By the court
Rule 9 Motions
9.01 Interlocutory step
9.02 Civil Procedure Rules apply
Rule 10 Pre-Hearing Conferences
10.01 Pre-hearing conference
Rule 11 Settlement Conferences
11.01 Settlement conference procedure
Rule 12 Paternity Testing
12.01 By consent
  Form FCO 2 Order for Paternity Testing
12.02 By judge's order
Rule 13 Admissions and Expert Witnesses
Voluntary admissions
Expert witnesses
Rule 14 Hearing Procedures
Failure to attend
Exclusion of witnesses, etc.
Child testimony
Copies of document for other party
Proof of fact or document subsequent to hearing
Order for documents
Service of subpoena
Duration of subpoena
Subpoena of opposing party
Failure to obey subpoena
Contempt proceedings
  Rule 15 Telephone and Video Conference
  15.01 Hearing by attendance in courtroom
  Rule 16 Affidavits
  16.01 Affidavit
  16.02 Contents of affidavit
  16.03 Exhibits
  16.04 Scandalous, etc., matter in affidavit
  Rule 17 Counsel
  17.01 Counsel of record
  17.02 Ceasing to be counsel of record
  17.03 Counsel for a non-party
  17.04 Discharge of counsel
  17.05 Change of counsel
    Form 17.05 Notice of New Counsel
  17.06 Party acting on own after discharging counsel
  17.07 Information provided by family court officer
  17.08 Counsel for limited purpose
  17.09 Duty of discharged counsel
  17.10 Withdrawal of counsel
  17.11 New designated address for delivery
  Rule 18 Acting on One's Own
  18.01 Party acting on own
    Form 18.01 Notice of Intention to Act on One's Own
  18.02 Information for party acting on their own
  18.03 Further information
  18.04 Party requiring counsel
  18.05 Assistant
  18.06 Restrictions on agent or assistant
  18.07 Communicate with counsel
  18.08 Communication with the court
  Rule 19 Withdrawal
  19.01 Notice of withdrawing
    Form 19.01 Notice of Withdrawing
  19.02 Order for costs, continuation or subsequent proceeding
  19.03 Effect of withdrawal
  Rule 20 Orders
  20.01 Effective date
  20.02 Requiring an act to be done
  20.03 Preparation of an order
  20.04 Finalizing operative terms of order
  20.05 Issue of order
  20.06 Certification of order
  Rule 21 Costs
  21.01 Award and collection
  21.02 Judgement including costs
  Rule 22 Execution and Garnishee Orders
  22.01 Civil Procedure Rules apply
  22.02 Garnishee order
    Form 22.02 Garnishee Order
  Rule 23 Transfer and Consolidation of a Proceeding and Exercise of Jurisdiction by Another Judge
  23.01 Transfer of a proceeding
  23.02 Consolidation
  23.03 Exercise of jurisdiction
  Rule 24 Proceedings under the Children and Family
Services Act
    Form 24.02A Application
  Ex parte applications
    Form 24.03C Application and Affidavit for Order to Locate and Detain Runaway Child

  Taking into care
  Commencement of proceedings
  Place of hearing
  Joinder of proceedings
  Interim hearings
    Form 24.08B Notice of Band's Intention
  Disclosure and discovery
Pre-hearing conference
  Protection hearing
  Disposition hearing
    Form 24.12.1C Notice of Termination of Conferencing
  Termination of permanent care and custody orders and variation of access
    Form 24.14B Application to Terminate Order for Permanent Care and Custody and Notice of Hearing

  Consent to treatment
  Child abuse register
    Form 24.17B Notice of Objection
    Form 24.17F Application and Affidavit for Removal
  Secure-treatment certificate
  Place of hearing
  Service on parent or guardian
    Form 24.20B Application to be Added as a Party to a Secure-Treatment Proceeding

  Hearing of application for secure-treatment order
  Hearing of application for renewal of secure-treatment order
  Hearing of review of secure-treatment order
    Form 24.24A Application for Review of Secure-Treatment Order

  * Numbering as in original document
  Personal Representation Form
  Form FCO 3 Order

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