Services Available in the Supreme Court Family Division

MEDIATION >> is a voluntary process in which parties try to resolve their differences with the help of a mediator.

CONCILIATION >> In conciliation, a Court officer will assess the parties' situaation and consider the appropriate options available to them.

ASSESSMENTS >> provide the Court with information and/or recommendations on how the needs of the child may best be met.

Parent Information - this page

Parent Information Sessions:

Sessions will take place on scheduled evenings and Saturday mornings, at the Family Division Court locations, in Halifax, Sydney, and Port Hawkesbury. Once referred by a court officer, each parent will be informed of the date and time of the three hour session they must attend. Every attempt will be made to accommodate work and family commitments.


Questions And Answers About Parent Information Sessions:

Will my ex-partner be in the same session as me?
No. The sessions are scheduled to ensure that you will not be in the same session as your ex-partner. They will be required to attend a session on another date.

Do I have to attend the session?
Yes. The sessions are mandatory if you have been referred by a court officer. Failure to attend will be noted in the court file and may affect your ability to get a court date for a hearing or trial, or the Judge may require you to attend.

What will happen at the session?
You will receive information about options for resolving disputes, the effects of parental conflict on children, as well as discuss children's experience of separation and divorce, learn techniques for dealing with conflict situations and ways to avoid placing your children in the middle.

Do I bring my children to the session?

If an emergency arises and I can't attend the session, who should I contact?
Call the Family Division Court immediately and inform the court officer who referred you to the Parent Information Program of the situation.

Can a friend of family member come to the session with me?
No. The session is to help you and your former partner with the issues you are facing.

Will I be asked for personal information about my situation?
No. You will not have to talk about your situation. The session will focus on videos and handouts. You will have an opportunity to ask questions.


You can get a printable version of this informaion on the Parent information Program here:

Information pour les parents soucieux du bien-être de leurs enfants >>

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