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Services Available in the Supreme Court Family Division

MEDIATION >> is a voluntary process in which parties try to resolve their differences with the help of a mediator.

CONCILIATION >> In conciliation, a Court officer will assess the parties' situaation and consider the appropriate options available to them.

Assessments - this page

PARENT INFORMATION >> This program assists parents to support their children during the Court process.

..... ordered by a Judge in an ongoing court matter. If you are involved in a custody or access dispute and believe an assessment of your child would help the Court understand your family circumstances, you may speak to a court officer or your lawyer about seeking an assessment. The Judge will decide if the Court needs an assessment to make a determination in your case.

In exceptional circumstances, Judges of the Family Court, the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court Family Division may order that parenting assessments be conducted by a professional. This is done when the Judge wants objective information about the child or family situations in a child custody or access matter.


Questions And Answers About Parent Assessments:

Is there a fee for an assessment?
An assessment may cost as much as $2,000 to $3,000 to prepare. There is a fee schedule for the payment of the cost of preparation of an assessment. The amount you pay is based on your income.

What if my ex-partner won't agree to an assessment or refuses to be interviewed?
The Judge can order that an assessment take place. If one party is not co-operating, the assessor will report this to the Judge hearing the matter.

What if I disagree with what the assessor says or recommends?
You (or your lawyer if you have one) will have the opportunity to address this during court proceedings.

Does my child have to be interviewed by the assessor?
Not always. It depends on the age of the child and the issues the Judge has asked the assessor to address.

Can I be with my child when he or she is interviewed?
If it is necessary for the assessor to interview the child, the assessor will often want to meet with your child in a confidential setting. The assessor will discuss this with you beforehand.

Who performs the assessment?
Assessors are court-approved professionals, usually either social workers or psychologists, with expertise in the area of children and custody and access matters.

Can I choose the assessor who will conduct the assessment?
You can make suggestions about which assessor you would like to assess your situation. However, both parties must agree. If you and your ex-partner do not agree on an assessor, the Court or court officer will assign one. Even if you and your ex-partner do agree, the person you request may not be available or the Judge may direct that an assessor with a particular expertise conduct the assessment.

What if the situation is resolved before the assessment is complete?
You should advise the assessor and the Family Division Court as soon as possible. The assessor will not stop the assessment until requested by the Court.


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