Sylvie Theriault, President of AJEFNE,
presents Associate Chief Justice Lawrence
I. O'Neil with the 2019 Prix du Juriste de L'Annee
or Jurist of the Year Award for 2019.


Associate Chief Justice Lawrence I. O'Neil

AJEFNE (L’Association Des Juristes D’Expression Française De La Nouvelle-Ecosse) recently recognized The Honourable Lawrence I. O’Neil, Associate Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (Family Division), with the Jurist of the Year Award for his ongoing support of efforts to facilitate access to justice in French.

The Jurist of the Year Award is bestowed upon an individual who has contributed to the accessibility of legal services in French to the Acadian and broader francophone population of Nova Scotia.


In 2017, the Family Division processed an uncontested divorce in French. This was a first in Nova Scotia and a milestone for achieving improved access to justice in French.

The current Family Division Rule governing these proceedings is available in French and accompanying forms are under consideration and awaiting approval.

As a result of recent changes to the federal Divorce Act, effective July 1, 2020, all divorce proceedings, including all pleadings and hearings, must be available in French.



AJEFNE is is a non-profit organization whose mission is to refer, guide and offer the necessary tools to the Acadian and Francophone population, lawyers, members and partners to facilitate and improve access to legal services in French.


The Justice Access Centre at AJEFNE also provides free legal information services for all individuals. Its bilingual legal information advisers offer confidential consultations in all areas of the law. These free services are available on site or by phone. For more information on AJEFNE, call toll-free at 1-844-250-8471 or CLICK HERE >> to visit the AJEFNE website.