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NEWS OF THE COURTS >> Follow news about the Courts as it is posted on the website. These Tweets will be sent out in addition to News Releases regularly
e-mailed directly to the media.

NOTICES TO THE LEGAL PROFESSION >> Receive notices important to the legal profession. These Tweets include notices about Court schedules, changes in Court processes, and the Law Courts Prothonotary’s “Hints And Tips” newsletter.

CIVIL PROCEDURE RULES AMENDMENTS >> Notices of changes to all the Courts' Rules and Forms as well as Practice Memorandums and Directives.

ON-LINE DOCKETS CHANGES >> Find out when scheduled trials and hearings change in the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court in Kentville/Windsor, and the Bankruptcy Court.

DECISIONS OF THE COURTS >> Receive links to newly-released decisions of the Courts as they are released each day. Choose to receive Tweets about decisions released by any one or all of the Courts.

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