Courts of Nova Scotia Copyright Policy


The Courts of Nova Scotia website is a key communications instrument with
which the Judiciary promotes the three parallel democratic principles of
access to justice, transparency and accountability of the judicial process,
and judicial independence.

The website does this by offering general education materials, practical
information, documents and forms, important notices, and news. These are
provided, primarily, to the public, the media, self-represented litigants, the
legal profession, students, and teachers.

Website Objectives

Educating media and the public on the open court principle, judicial independence, the Judiciary, and the Nova Scotia Courts.
Facilitating access to the Courts, including court documents, decisions, and other information, as appropriate, and contact information for courthouses.
Supporting and improving the proper administration of justice.
Highlighting the work of the Courts and the Judiciary to improve access to justice for all citizens.
Communicating with the Bar, self-represented litigants, and other justice organizations on important notices and changes to court procedures.
Managing the official rules and related forms for all levels of Courts.
Connecting self-represented litigants to resources and support to help them solve their legal problem.

Copyright Protection

This website and some of its contents are protect by the Copyright Act, by
Canadian laws, policies, and regulations, and by international agreements.
Unless otherwise stated, the Nova Scotia Courts own the copyright to all
information found on this website.

Although the Nova Scotia Courts encourage the widest possible access to
the material provided on this website, they retain the right to limit or restrict
certain uses they find to be inappropriate.

Copyright does not apply to publicly released court decisions, the Civil
Procedure Rules and related court forms, Practice Memorandums, and
other public documents.

Non-Commercial Reproduction

The decisions and reasons for decision of the Nova Scotia Courts may be
reproduced in whole or in part without further permission from the Courts.

Further than court decisions, content on this website may be reproduced
for non-commercial purposes, subject to the following requirements:

Due diligence is exercised to ensure the accuracy and currency of the reproduced material; and
The Courts of Nova Scotia website (WWW.COURTS.NS.CA >>) is identified as the source.

Commercial Reproduction

Reproduction of any material contained on this website, in whole or in part,
for the purposes of commercial redistribution, is prohibited except with prior
written permission of the Courts of Nova Scotia. To obtain permission to
reproduce material for commercial purposes, please contact the


The webcasts of court proceedings may not be broadcast or re-broadcast
by embedding them in another website or by any other means. However,
portions of the webcasts (audio and video) may be re-broadcast as part of
conventional news coverage.

Hyperlinks to the live webcast page and the page of archived videos on the
Courts of Nova Scotia website are permitted.


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