Judges in Canada

The Canadian Superior Courts Judges Association (CSCJA) has launched a new educational video and YouTube channel, JUDGES IN CANADA >> The video, available in English and French, illustrates what people are entitled to expect from Judges in Canadian Courts and covers principles fundamental to the justice system, such as judicial independence and the rule of law. Use the TEACHER'S GUIDE >> to pose questions to your students and discuss the lessons in each video. The guide is also available in FRENCH >>.

Pursuit of Justice

Pursuit of Justice Quiz

An interactive questions and multiple-choice answers quiz coverings topics such as legal definitions, lawlore, history, and governance.

History Of The Courts

History of the Courts

This section of the Courts website provides a detailed history in an interesting and interactive format. It explores the development of Nova Scotia's Courts from 1757 when the first Supreme Court in all of Canada was established in Halifax. Click on the courthouse at the left to explore the development of our Province's Courts.

To arrange for students to sit in on a real trial or to participate in a mock trial (at your school or at a courthouse), contact the Communications Director at:

(902) 424-6018

From the Bench

From the Bench is a collection of papers, articles, and speeches, written and presented by members of the Nova Scotia Judiciary and their staff. This resource is intended to provide simplified, general information about matters and issues related to the Canadian justice system. Here is a list of titles:

"Access to Justice"
"Reflections on the Art ... and Science of Decision Making"
"A Series of Reflections on Persuasive Writing"
"Medical Evidence in General and Experts in Particular"
"How To Catch The Judge's Wave"
"Why Some Evidence is Excluded"

"Irreverence vs. Disrespect"
"Bail and Pre-Trial Detention"
"The Conditional Sentence Option"
"Early Release From Jail - The Line of Responsibility"
"Judicial Independence and Impartiality"

Go to the index of articles and summaries FROM THE BENCH >>

Useful Links To More Materials:

ÉDUCALOI'S YOUTH ZONE >> offers tons of information about the legal system and the obligations of adolescents.

LAWL FAQs SITE >> of the Access to Justice Network (ACJNet) provides a list of "frequently asked questions" and their answers for students.

     Other Resources For Teachers:

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In Provincial & Supreme Courts: THE "JUDGE ALONE" TRIAL PROCESS >>


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