The Forms below are interactive, so they can be filled out on your computer. However, they must still be printed and filed with the Court on paper.

Part 18 - Proceedings Of The Court Of Appeal (Rule 90)

Rule 90 Civil Appeal
90.01 Definitions
90.02 Scope of Rule 90
90.03 Sittings of the court
90.04 Starting an appeal
90.05 Notices of appeal
90.06 Notice of appeal (general) Notice of appeal (general) Form 90.06
90.07 Notice of appeal (tribunal) Application for leave to appeal (WCB)
Form 90.07A
Notice of appeal (tribunal) Form 90.07B
90.08 Notice of appeal (child protection) Notice of appeal (child protection) Form 90.08
90.09 Notice of appeal (interlocutory) Notice of application for leave to appeal Form 90.09
Notice of appeal (interlocutory) Form 90.10
90.10 Notice of appeal (costs only) Notice of application for leave to appeal Form 90.09
Notice of appeal (costs only) Form 90.10
90.11 Ground and decision
90.12 Leave to appeal
90.13 Deadline for starting appeal
90.14 Delivery of Notice of Appeal
Appeal from decision
90.16 Parties
90.17 Notification
90.18 Constitutional and other questions of public importance
90.19 Intervention
90.20 Participation in tribunal appeal
90.21 Cross-appeal
90.22 Respondent’s notice of contention
90.23 Reference
90.24 Stated Case
90.25 Motion for date and directions
90.26 Certificate of readiness Certificate of readiness Form 90.26
90.27 Motion by respondent for directions
90.28 Registrar’s request for documents
90.29 Obtaining transcript
90.30 Appeal book
90.31 Appeal book - appeal as to costs only
90.32 Factum
90.33 Book of authorities
90.34 Motions
90.35 Motion by correspondence
90.36 Motion to the Court of Appeal
90.37 Motion to a judge of the Court of Appeal
90.38 Review of order of judge
90.39 Amending notice of appeal
90.40 Setting aside or dismissing an appeal summarily
90.41 Stay of execution
90.42 Security for costs
90.43 Appellant failing to perfect appeal
90.44 Quashing or dismissing appeal
90.45 Management of appeal
90.46 Discontinuing appeal
90.47 Giving evidence to the Court of Appeal
90.48 Powers of the Court of Appeal
90.49 Delivery of judgment by Court of Appeal
90.50 Formal order of Court of Appeal
90.51 Costs in tribunal appeal
90.52 Disposition of files after appeal
90.53 Entry by prothonotary of certified order
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