The Forms below are interactive, so they can be filled out on your computer. However, they must still be printed and filed with the Court on paper.

Part 14 - Appeal And Judicial Review (Criminal Code)

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Rule 63 Summary Conviction Appeal
63.01 Definition
63.02 Scope of Rule 63
63.03 Other Rules apply
63.04 Heading Document must contain a standard heading Form 63.04
63.05 How and when appeal started Notice of summary conviction appeal Form 63.05
63.06 Date, place and notice of motion
63.07 Respondent’s information
63.08 Date and directions for appeal
63.09 Dismissal for failure to file or deliver
63.10 Conduct of appeal
63.11 Informing Trial Judge About Decision
Rule 64 Prerogative Writ
64.01 Scope of Rule 64
64.02 Writ is granted by order
64.03 Mandamus, certiorari, and prohibition Notice for Judicial Review Form 7.05
64.04 Habeas corpus Notice for Habeas Corpus Form 7.12
64.05 Other Rules apply
Rule 65 Application to Reduce Parole Ineligibility
65.01 Scope of Rule 65
65.02 Other Rules apply
65.03 Heading Document must contain a standard heading Form 65.03
65.04 Starting application Application for reduction of parole ineligibility Form 65.04
65.05 Affidavit Affidavit Form 65.05
65.06 Notice
65.07 Review for compliance with s.745.6 of Code
65.08 Review for reasonable prospect of success
65.09 Order after review
65.10 Place of hearing, motion, and proceeding
65.11 Notice and attendance of applicant
65.12 Parole eligibility report
65.13 Pre-hearing conference
65.14 Empanelling jury
65.15 Documents without sponsor
65.16 Order of presentation
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