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Part 13 - Family Proceedings - District Family Rules

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Rule 62 District Family Rules
62.01 Scope of Rule 62
62.02 Family Proceedings
62.03 Parties and counsel (additional provisions)
62.04 Place (modifying provisions)
62.05 Case management and settlement conferences (modifying provisions)
62.06 Discontinuance (modifying provision)
62.07 Disclosure and discovery (modifying provisions)
62.08 Action for divorce order and corollary relief
62.09 Petition for divorce Petition for divorce Form 62.09
62.10 Answer to petition for divorce Answer to petition for divorce Form 62.10
62.11 Demand for notice Demand for notice Form 62.11
62.12 Uncontested divorce
62.13 Motion for default judgment Motion for a divorce Form 62.13
62.14 Application for divorce based on written settlement Application for a divorce by agreement Form 62.14
62.15 Joint application for divorce Joint application for divorce Form 62.15
62.16 Information and evidence for uncontested divorce
62.17 Disclosure of financial information for child support
62.18 Disclosure of financial information for other claims
62.19 Deadlines for filing financial statements
62.20 Statement of income
62.21 Obtaining divorce trial dates
62.22 Divorce trial
62.23 Divorce order Divorce order Form 62.23
62.24 Corollary relief order Corollary relief order Form 62.24
62.25 Divorce certificate Certificate of divorce Form 62.25
62.26 Registration of divorce order
62.27 Provisional order under the Divorce Act Notice of hearing Form 62.27
62.28 Varying, rescinding, or suspending corollary relief
62.29 Family proceedings outside divorce
62.30 Protection of child and the open court principle
62.31 Dormant petition or application
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