Part 13 - Family Proceedings - Rule 59

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Rule 59 Family Division Rules
59.01 Definitions
59.02 Scope of Rule 59
59.03 Where a proceeding is started and heard
59.04 Starting a proceeding
59.05 Parties and counsel
59.06 Types of proceeding
59.07 Notice of application Notice of application Form 59.07
59.08 Response to application by respondent Response to application Form 59.08
59.09 Petition for divorce Petition for divorce Form 59.09
59.10 Answer to petition for divorce Answer to petition for divorce Form 59.10
59.11 Demand for notice Demand for notice (divorce action) Form 59.11
59.12 Notice of variation application Notice of variation application Form 59.12
59.13 Response to variation application by respondent Response to variation application Form 59.13A
Request to convert Form 59.13B
59.14 Notice and disentitlement to further notice
59.15 Designated address
59.16 Expiry, discontinuance, and withdrawal Notice of discontinuance
(Family Proceeding)
Form 59.16A
Notice of continuance Form 59.16B
Notice of withdrawal of response or answer Form 59.16C
59.17 Parent information program
59.18 Mediation
59.19 Disclosure obligations and notice of documents filed
59.20 Disclosure by parenting statement and deadline for filing
59.21 Disclosure by financial statements
59.22 Disclosure of financial information for child support and other claims
59.23 Disclosure by affidavit
59.24 Deadlines for filing financial statements
59.25 Direction to disclose Direction to disclose Form 59.25
59.26 Order to appear and disclose and order to disclose Order to appear and disclose Form 59.26A
Order to disclose Form 59.26B
59.27 Order for disclosure by non-party Order for disclosure by a non-party Form 59.27
59.28 Disclosure and discovery under Part 5
59.29 Conciliation    
59.30 Conciliation meeting and directions Direction to appear Form 59.30
59.31 Conduct of conciliation    
59.32 Consent order in conciliation
59.33 Interim order for child support
59.34 Variation of, or setting aside, a court officer’s order
59.35 Conciliation record Conciliation record Form 59.35
59.36 Referral to court Notice to appear in court Form 59.36
59.37 Motion for directions
59.38 Conference
59.39 Settlement conference procedure
59.40 Hearing
59.41 Obtaining divorce trial dates
59.42 Divorce trial
59.43 Uncontested divorce
59.44 Uncontested motion for divorce Uncontested motion for a divorce Form 59.44
59.45 Application for divorce based on written agreement Application for a divorce by agreement Form 59.45
59.46 Joint application for divorce Joint application for divorce Form 59.46
59.47 Information and evidence for uncontested divorce
59.48 Divorce order and corollary relief order
Divorce order
Form 59.48A
Corollary relief order
Form 59.48B
59.49 Divorce certificate Certificate of divorce Form 59.49
59.50 Registration of divorce order
59.51 Preparation of order
59.52 Motion and interim relief
59.53 Emergency application and emergency motion
59.54 Litigation guardian
59.55 Paternity testing
59.56 Provisional order under the Divorce Act
59.57 Proceedings under the Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act
59.58 Enforcement of support order
59.59 Communicating with a judge or a court officer
59.60 Publication ban and access to information
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