The Forms below are interactive, so they can be filled out on your computer. However, they must still be printed and filed with the Court on paper.

Part 9 - Pleading, Affidavit, And Brief

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Rule 38 Pleading
38.01 Scope of Rule 38 and definition
38.02 General principles of pleading
38.03 Pleading a claim or defence in an action
38.04 Further rules for pleading a claim in an action
38.05 Further rules for pleading a defence
38.06 Pleading grounds in an application
38.07 Claiming a remedy in an action or application, including declaratory judgment
38.08 Requiring particulars in an action Demand for Particulars Form 38.08
38.09 Providing particulars in an action Answer to Demand for Particulars Form 38.09
38.10 Obtaining particulars in an application, judicial review, or appeal
38.11 Close of pleadings
38.12 Amendment of pleading
Rule 39 Affidavit
39.01 Scope of Rule 39
39.02 Affidavit is to provide evidence
39.03 Editing exhibit
39.04 Striking part or all of affidavit
39.05 Scandalous affidavit
39.06 Use of affidavit in same proceeding
39.07 Use of affidavit in other proceeding
39.08 Form of affidavit Form of Affidavit Form 39.08
39.09 Proof of exhibit Writing That Marks an Exhibit (Stamp) Form 39.09
39.10 Administering oath or affirmation
Rule 40 Brief
40.01 Scope of Rule 40
40.02 Counsel’s discretion
40.03 Filing brief and delivering duplicate
40.04 Suggestions for form and content
40.05 Book of documents with trial brief
40.06 Book of authorities with brief
40.07 Destruction or return
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