The Forms below are interactive, so they can be filled out on your computer. However, they must still be printed and filed with the Court on paper.

Part 8 - Counsel, Parties And Claims

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Rule 33 Counsel
33.01 Scope of Rule 33
33.02 Counsel of record
33.03 Ceasing to be counsel of record
33.04 Counsel for a non-party
33.05 Discharge of counsel
33.06 Change of counsel Notice of New Counsel Form 33.06
33.07 Party acting on own after discharging counsel Notice of Intention to Act on One’s Own Form 33.07
33.08 Information provided by prothonotary
33.09 Counsel for a limited purpose
33.10 Duty of discharged counsel
33.11 Withdrawal of counsel
33.12 New designated address for delivery
Rule 34 Acting on One's Own
34.01 Scope of Rule 34
34.02 Party requiring counsel
34.03 Corporation acting on its own Notice of Appointment of Agent Form 34.03
34.04 Replacing agent Replacement of Agent Form 34.04
34.05 Communicate with counsel
34.06 Information for party on their own
34.07 Further information
34.08 Assistant
34.09 Restrictions on agent or assistant
Rule 35 Parties
35.01 Scope of Rule 35
35.02 Joining parties who claim together
35.03 Joining parties claimed against in an action or application
35.04 Parties in a judicial review or an appeal
35.05 How a party joins further parties
35.06 Error in joining party
35.07 Judge removing party
35.08 Judge joining party
35.09 Provisions for peripheral defendant or respondent
35.10 Person intervening
35.11 Stay when death, bankruptcy, assignment, or mistake occurs
35.12 Subsequent encumbrancer Notice to Subsequent Encumbrancer Form 35.12
35.13 Proprietorship
35.14 Partnership
35.15 Consequential provisions
Rule 36 Representative Party
36.01 Scope of Rule 36
36.02 Describing representative
36.03 Authority, approval, and directions
36.04 Representative must have counsel
36.05 Public officials
36.06 When litigation guardian required
36.07 Becoming litigation guardian Litigation Guardian’s Statement Form 36.07
36.08 Replacing or discharging litigation guardian
36.09 Duties of litigation guardian
36.10 Representative of unknown persons
36.11 Executor, administrator, or trustee
36.12 Representative of deceased person’s estate
36.13 Settlement by representative
36.14 Trust for represented party
36.15 Approval of counsel’s accounts
36.16 Approval of representative’s accounts
Rule 37 Consolidation and Separation
37.01 Scope of Rule 37
37.02 Consolidation of proceedings
37.03 Proceedings to be tried or heard together
37.04 Issues to be tried or heard together
37.05 Separating parts of a proceeding
37.06 Directions