The Forms below are interactive, so they can be filled out on your computer. However, they must still be printed and filed with the Court on paper.

Part 6 - Motions

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Rule 22 General Provisions for Motions
22.01 Scope of Part 6 - Motions
22.02 Notice
22.03 Ex parte motion
22.04 Continuing ex parte motion on notice
22.05 Full and fair disclosure on an ex parte motion
22.06 Rehearing of ex parte motion
22.07 Notice of rehearing ex parte motion
22.08 Affidavits for rehearing
22.09 Application of Rule 23 - Chambers Motion on rehearing
22.10 Acting on own motion
22.11 Motion involving non-parties
22.12 Motion by prothonotary Notice of Motion By Prothonotary Form 22.12
22.13 Motion to commissioner or referee
22.14 When appointments required
22.15 Rules of evidence on a motion
22.16 Transferring motion to courtroom
22.17 Notify court of failure to deliver notice of motion
22.18 Attendance, withdrawal, and adjournment
Rule 23 Chambers Motion
23.01 Scope of Rule 23
23.02 Starting a motion in chambers
23.03 Motion on notice Notice of Motion Form 23.03
23.04 Motion set by party (½ hour or less)
23.05 Motion set by court (½ day or less) (more than ½ day)
23.06 File notice of motion when date obtained
23.07 Disagreements about time or place
23.08 Manner of providing evidence
23.09 Cross-examination
23.10 Briefs
23.11 Deadlines applicable to chambers motion
23.12 No further affidavit
23.13 Subpoena
23.14 Ex parte motion Ex Parte Motion Form 23.14
23.15 Attendance in chambers
Rule 24 Appearance Motion
24.01 Scope of Rule 24
24.02 When appearance motion is heard
24.03 When appearance motion appropriate
24.04 Appearance notice Notice of Appearance Motion Form 24.03
24.05 Deadline
24.06 Evidence
Rule 25 Motion by Appointment
25.01 Special appointment
25.02 Hearing by attendance in courtroom
25.03 Hearing by teleconference without public access
25.04 Hearing by teleconference with public access
25.05 Directions or Rule 23 - Chambers Motion applies
Rule 26A Conference
26A.01 Conference
26A.02 When conference appropriate
26A.03 Motions at conference
26A.04 Record of conference
Rule 26B Case Management
26B.01 Scope of Rule 26B
26B.02 Appointment
26B.03 First conference
26B.04 Further case management
26B.05 Motions in cases under management
Rule 27 Motion by Correspondence
27.01 Motion by correspondence to judge
27.02 Motion by correspondence to prothonotary
Rule 28 Emergency Motion
28.01 Request for emergency hearing
28.02 Emergency motion on notice
28.03 Ex parte emergency motion
28.04 Manner of providing evidence
28.05 Emergency hearings outside court hours or courthouse
Rule 29 Motion to Presiding Judge
29.01 Assigned judge to hear all motions
Rule 30 Motion to Prothonotary
30,01 Motion to prothonotary generally
30.02 Ex parte motion
30.03 Motion on notice
30.04 Review by judge