The Forms below are interactive, so they can be filled out on your computer. However, they must still be printed and filed with the Court on paper.

Part 5 - Disclosure and Discovery

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Rule 14 Disclosure and Discovery in General
14.01 Meaning of “relevant” in Part 5
14.02 Interpretation in Part 5
14.03 Collateral use
14.04 Relationship between discovery and interrogatories
14.05 Privilege
14.06 Disclosure of privileged information by mistake
14.07 Expense of disclosure
14.08 Presumption for full disclosure
14.09 Demand for production of undisclosed copy
14.10 Demand for production of, or access to, original
14.11 Demand for production at trial or hearing
14.12 Order for production 
14.13 Order to process data
14.14 Designated manager for discovery
14.15 Public archives and other public repository
Rule 15 Disclosure of Documents
15.01 Scope of Rule 15                                 
15.02 Duty to make disclosure of documents
15.03 Disclosure in an action Affidavit Disclosing Documents (Individual) Form 15.03A
Affidavit Disclosing Documents (Corporation) Form 15.03B
15.04 Supplementary affidavit disclosing documents
15.05 Book or electronic copy of documents
15.06 Disclosure in an application
15.07 Directions for disclosure  
Rule 16 Disclosure of Electronic Information
16.01 Scope of Rule 16
16.02 Duty to preserve electronic information
16.03 Duty to disclose electronic information
16.04 Agreement about preservation
16.05 Agreement for disclosure
16.06 Rules for disclosure in default of agreement
16.07 Time for disclosure in an action (default provision)
16.08 Sufficient search (default provision)
16.09 Disclosure in an action (default provision) Affidavit Disclosing Electronic Information (Individual) Form 16.09A
Affidavit Disclosing Electronic Information (Corporation) Form 16.09B
16.10 Supplementary affidavit of electronic information in an action (default provision)
16.11 Copy of electronic information in an action (default provision)
16.12 Making disclosure in an application (default provision)
16.13 Deletion or destruction of electronic information
16.14 Directions for disclosure
16.15 When loss of electronic information may be abuse
Rule 17 Disclosure of Other Things
17.01 Scope of Rule 17
17.02 When to disclose
17.03 How to make disclosure
17.04 Demand for inspection
17.05 Order for inspection
17.06 Expert’s report
Rule 18 Discovery
18.01 Scope of Rule 18
18.02 Duties of party in an action and application in court
18.03 Interview or discovery by agreement
18.04 Discovery subpoena in an action (party) Discovery Subpoena (party) Form 18.04A
Representations and Undertaking (party) Form 18.04B
18.05 Discovery subpoena in an action (non-party) Discovery Subpoena (Non-party) Form 18.05A
Representations and Undertaking (Non-party Form 18.05B
18.06 Notice of discovery of non-party in an action
18.07 Waiving a discovery subpoena in an action
18.08 Revoking a discovery subpoena in an action
18.09 Discovery in an application
18.10 Approval and directions
18.11 Discovery subpoena for discovery approved in application Discovery Subpoena (application) Form 18.11
18.12 Discovery by order
18.13 Scope of discovery
18.14 Place of discovery
18.15 Recording discovery
18.16 Conduct of discovery
18.17 Objections to questions at discovery
18.18 Production or access after discovery or at adjournment 
18.19 Error in discovery answer
18.20 Use of discovery
18.21 Proof of discovery questions and answers
18.22 Failure to attend or refusal to answer
18.23 Supervision of discovery by judge
18.24 Examples of just, speedy, and inexpensive discovery

Rule 19 Interogatories
19.01 Scope of Rule 19
19.02 Demand for answers
19.03 Questions that may be asked
19.04 Time for demand
19.05 Contents of demand Demand for Answers (Interrogatories) Form 19.05
19.06 Who must respond
19.07 Response Response to Interrogatories Form 19.07
19.08 Enforcement and discretion to excuse
19.09 Error in answer to interrogatory
19.10 Use of answer
Rule 20 Admission
20.01 Scope of Rule 20
20.02 Making admission
20.03 Requesting admission Request for Admission Form 20.03
20.04 Response to request for admission Response to Request for Admission Form 20.04
20.05 Presumed admission
20.06 Costs on unreasonable refusal
20.07 Judgment on admission of fact
Rule 21 Medical Examination and Testing
21.01 Scope of Rule 21
21.02 Medical examination
21.03 Number of medical examinations
21.04 Who may attend an examination
21.05 Medical report
21.06 Medical Test
21.07 Information and reports
21.08 Cost of Medical examination and test