The Forms below are interactive, so they can be filled out on your computer. However, they must still be printed and filed with the Court on paper.

Part 2 - Civil Proceedings

Rule 3 Kinds of Proceedings
3.01 Actions, applications, and judicial or appellate review
Rule 4 Action
4.01 Scope of Rule 4
4.02 Notice of action
Notice of Action Form 4.02A
Statements of Claim, Counterclaim, Crossclaim, Claim Against Third Party Form 4.02B
4.03 Notice of action for debt
Notice of Action for Debt Form 4.03A
Statement of Claim for Debt Form 4.03B
4.04 Expiry and renewal of a notice of action
4.05 Defending an action
Notice of Defence Form 4.05A
Statement of Defence Form 4.05B
4.06 Demand for notice Demand for Notice Form 4.06
4.07 Lack of jurisdiction
4.08 Counterclaim
Notice of Defence and Counterclaim Form 4.08
Statement of Defence Form 4.05B
Statements of Claim, Counterclaim, Crossclaim, Claim Against Third Party Form 4.02B
4.09 Crossclaim
Notice of Defence with Crossclaim Form 4.09
Statement of Defence Form 4.05B
Statements of Claim, Counterclaim, Crossclaim, Claim Against Third Party Form 4.02B
4.10 Counterclaim involving third party
Notice of Claim Against Third Party Form 4.11
Statements of Claim, Counterclaim, Crossclaim, Claim Against Third Party Form 4.02B
4.11 Third party claim
4.12 Counterclaim, crossclaim, and third party claim
4.13 Request for date assignment conference
Request for Date Assignment Conference Form 4.13
4.14 Objecting to request for date assignment conference
4.15 Memorandum for date assignment judge
Memorandum for Date Assignment Judge Form 4.15
4.16 Date assignment conference
4.17 Reconsideration
4.18 Witness list
4.19 Trial readiness conference
4.20 Adjournment of trial dates
4.21 Remedies for refusal, cancellation, or adjournment
4.22 Dormant actions to be dismissed
Rule 5 Application
5.01 Scope of Rule 5
5.02 Ex parte application in chambers
Ex parte Application Form 5.02
5.03 Application in chambers on notice
Notice of Application in Chambers Form 5.03
5.04 Notice of contest of chambers application
Notice of Contest (Chambers Application) Form 5.04
5.05 Chambers application
5.06 Chambers application deadlines
5.07 Application in court
Notice of Application in Court Form 5.07
5.08 Notice of contest of application in court
Notice of Contest (Application in Court) Form 5.08
5.09 Respondent's claim in Chambers Application
5.10 Respondent's claim in Application in Court Notice of Claim by Respondent Form 5.10
5.11 Contesting Respondent's Claim Contest of Respondent's Claim Form 5.11
5.12 Claim against non-party, Third party claims
5.13 Motion for directions and to appoint time, date, and place
5.14 Lack of jurisdiction
5.15 No supplementary affidavits
5.16 Expense of cross-examination
5.17 Rules of evidence on an application
5.18 Adjournment of application in court
5.19 Directions and indemnity
5.20 Failure to appear
5.21 Failure to comply
5.22 Consolidation and severance
5.23 Disagreements about time and place
5.24 Dormant applications dismissed after five years
Rule 6 Choosing Between Action and Application
6.01 Choice of proceeding
6.02 Converting action or application
6.03 Evidence for converting an application
Rule 7 Judicial Review and Appeal
7.01 Interpretation in Rule 7
7.02 Scope of Rule 7
7.03 Processes leading to hearing
7.04 Legislation prevails
7.05 Judicial review application
Notice for Judicial Review Form 7.05
7.06 Date for motion for directions
7.07 Notification
7.08 Participation by respondent
Notice of Participation Form 7.08
7.09 Production of record by decision-making authority
7.10 Directions for judicial review
7.11 Order following review
7.12 Notice for habeas corpus
Notice for Habeas Corpus Form 7.12
7.12A Notice of Contest for habeas corpus Notice of Contest for Habeas Corpus Form 7.12A
7.13 Order for habeas corpus
Order for Habeas Corpus Form 7.13
7.14 Directions to determine legality of deprivation of liberty
7.15 Interim release on habeas corpus
7.16 Final determination following habeas corpus
7.17 Abuse of habeas corpus
7.18 Other forms of habeas corpus
7.19 Notice of appeal
Notice of Appeal Form 7.19
7.20 Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Appeal
7.21 Cross-appeal and contention
7.22 Date for motion for directions
7.23 Notification
7.24 Directions for an appeal
7.25 Appeal Book
7.26 Applicant or appellant to pay expenses of record
7.27 Consolidation of judicial review or appeal
7.28 Evidence on judicial review or appeal
7.29 Stay pending judicial review or appeal
7.30 Dismissal of dormant review