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Practice Memorandum #6B

Infant Settlement Precedents Under $25,000

These precedents may be used for approval of settlements on behalf of a child for $25,000 or less. They differ from the usual precedents in ways that are intended to make the motion or application less expensive. Explanations of the child's injury, information about the child's background, and the justification of counsel's opinion are less detailed. A simple GIC suffices for an investment plan. Sureties are not required when the settlement proceeds are invested in a GIC and the trustee undertakes not to collapse the GIC before the child's nineteenth birthday unless the court permits. As can be seen, the precedents contain these and other simplifications.

  Precedent When to use Forms
  Affidavit of Litigation Guardian (When Settlement Under $25,000) PDF
  Undertaking and Bond (When Settlement Under $25,000) PDF
  Affidavit of Proposed Trustee (When Settlement Under $25,000) PDF
  Affidavit of Counsel (When Settlement Under $25,000) PDF
  Counsel's Certificate (When Settlement Under $25,000) PDF
  Consent of Young Person (When Settlement Under $25,000) PDF
  Order Approving Settlement and Establishing Trust (When Settlement Under $25,000) PDF