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Practice Memorandum #6A

Infant Settlement Precedents

These precedents are for applications or motions to approve a settlement on behalf of a child, approve fees and expenses, and set up a trust for the proceeds. They may be consulted when a settlement is sought to be approved. The circumstances of these cases vary so much that counsel should always ask whether evidence or terms in the precedents need modification, replacement, or expansion.

  Precedent When to use Forms
  Notice of Application when no action has been started [use when no action started] PDF
  Litigation Guardian's Statement when no action has been started [use when no action started] PDF
  Designation of Address for Delivery when no action has been started or no defence has been filed [use when action not started or defence not filed] PDF
  Notice of motion when action has been started [use when action was started] PDF
  Affidavit of Litigation Guardian/Proposed Trustee   PDF
  Affidavit of Counsel   PDF
  Consent of Young Person   PDF
  Undertaking to Account   PDF
  Counsel's Certificate   PDF
  Affidavit of Justification and Net Worth Statement   PDF
  Bond for Trustee's Obligations   PDF
  Order Approving Settlement and Establishing Trust   PDF