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Practice Memorandum #10

Taxable Disbursements Under Rule 77.10(1)

The following is intended to standardize allowances for disbursements when costs are awarded. A party is always free to submit that a variation would be reasonable. Such a submission needs to be supported by evidence.

Rate for Photocopies Ten cents page. (This is based on rates charged by commercial printers.)
Photocopies covered One half of the number posted to the client account for this claim. (This roughly distinguishes between the cost of copies for the adverse party, the court, and witnesses, which should be recoverable, and copies for the client and for internal use, which should not be recoverable.)
Fax charges Not recoverable.
Courier rates Invoice amount for independent contractors. Delivery by a firm employee that is charged to a client could be allowed as a variation discussed above.
Courier charges covered Charges by couriers who deliver to the other parties, witnesses, and the court. (Those for delivery to clients should not be recoverable.)
Telephone expenses Only long distance charges for calls to the court or adverse parties.
When travel expenses recoverable As determined by the judge or agreed by the parties.
Travel expenses covered Mileage at the provincial government rate. Meals at the provincial government per
diem rate. Reasonable hotel charges.
Electronic research Not recoverable.
Firm administration Not recoverable. This includes an administration charge, file storage expenses, and a file opening fee.
Binding costs One half of the amount actually charged by commercial printers, or the equivalent if done internally and charged to client. (The 50% is based on the same reasoning as with photocopies.)