: The materials on this website have been updated to reflect changes to the provincial Children and Family Services Act that went into effect on March 1, 2017. Individuals involved in child protection matters before the Courts should be aware that the ages and timeframes noted here have changed.

You are advised to consult with a lawyer if you have any questions.


No doubt this is a confusing and troubling time for you and your family. Rest assured, there are ways to get your children back if they have been taken insto custody, or to keep them if your family is being supervised by the Child Protection Agency. With the right attitude, these videos, the information in the accompanying booklet, and the help of a lawyer, it can be done.

The video is divided into seven short chapters which can be played by clicking on the chapter title in the playlist below the screen. To help you better understand the court process, the chapters are presented in the same order that things will happen in real time. The first time you watch the video, you should watch all seven chapters in the order that they are presented in the playlist.

Read/print the accompanying booklet:


(Click on the audio/video at the top of the playlist below to listen to the booklet in Mi'kmaq)

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7


It isĀ  not recommended that you watch it with your children.

Social workers will help your children understand what is happening to them.

You can watch the video with your lawyer, a social worker, or a support person.

Ask questions and get help as you move through each stage of the child protection proceedings.

If you wish to download a better quality version of these videos, right-click on each link below, then click on "Save target as..."
Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Chapter 2
Chapter 3 Chapter3
Chapter 4 Chapter 4
Chapter 5 Chapter 5
Chapter 6 Chapter 6
Chapter 7 Chapter 7

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