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Information kits for representing yourself in the courts
(La plupart de ces trousses d'information sont également disponibles en français)
Self rep
We are all entitled to represent ourselves in legal proceedings (except in Bankruptcy court where you act through a Trustee in Bankruptcy).
The judicial system can be a very complex process, not only in the court room, but in the proceedings leading up to a court appearance. There are often many forms and documents to be filled out, witnesses to subpoena and so on.

Each court (Supreme, Family, Provincial) may have different forms and processes. You should make yourself aware of these ahead of time. Following is a list of some of the information available on this site which may be of assistance if you are representing yourself.

See also the Civil Procedure Rules. The Civil Procedure Rules govern proceedings in the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, including the Family Division of the Supreme Court.

Please note

• If you are not familar with legal and court procedures, and the law as it applies to your case, then you may want to reconsider self-representation.
• In certain limited circumstances you may qualify for a government funded lawyer. For further information see Dalhousie Legal Aid Service and Nova Scotia Legal Aid
• Some of the documents listed below are in PDF format PDF Document and can be opened using the free Adobe Reader from Adobe.

Divorce - Divorce Orders, Corollary Relief Orders, and Certificates of Divorce - what are these documents and how do I obtain certified copies?

Family Mediation - See Family Mediation Canada - The purpose of Family Mediation Canada is to promote accessible, quality mediation services for families.


Information kits for representing yourself in the courts
(La plupart de ces trousses d'information sont également disponibles en français)


Audio Recordings Of Court Proceedings - The Courts of Nova Scotia provide copies of the audio recordings of Court proceedings on either audio cassette tapes or CDs. No text transcripts are made availalble. However, there are several commercial transcription services in the Province.

To order a copy of the audio recordings of any Court proceedings, download, print, or fill out the request form. There are additional instructions and more information on the form itself.




For contact information for Nova Scotia courthouses click here: Justice Centre Locations


Legal Research in Canada
The guide provides information and links to print and online resources which will give you an excellent overview of how the Canadan legal system operates.

Lawyer Referral Service
The Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia operates a Lawyer referral service.
Lawyers in private practice across the province are registered with the Lawyer Referral Service.

Through the Lawyer Referral Service you will be given the name of a lawyer in your area who works with the kind of law you need. The lawyer you are referred to will see you for up to a half hour for a set fee of $20 (plus taxes).

During this half hour you will be able to discuss your problem with a lawyer and get an idea of what your options are and the costs involved. Contact the Lawyer Referral Service contact at 1-902-455-3135 or 1-800-665-9779 (toll free in NS). The society has many publications available to the public, incluing one entitled "Going to Provincial Court".

Representing yourself - is there help available if I choose to represent myself?
There are several resources which can be found in our Resources/Links section. An excellent place to start is the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia, particularly their Legal Information Line. You may also wish to review the resource material on representing yourself on the Department of Justice website. (
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See also the Legal Information Sheet issued by Court Services, Department of Justice.

Using a lawyer
The Nova Scotia Barristers' Society provides information on the legal profession as well as a directory of Lawyers licensed to practice in Nova Scotia.

The information on the Courts of Nova Scotia web site is provided for information purposes only and is not intended to constitute legal advice. If you have legal questions, please consult with a lawyer.