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Since November of 2009, the Provincial Court of Nova Scotia has been operating a specialized Mental Health Court. It hears cases which have been recommended by a mental health court team as being eligible for the program.
For more information on the Provincial Court's Mental health Court Program, CLICK HERE >>.


Adult and youth proceedings relating to all charges under the Criminal Code, HFX-SGR_courthouseother federal statutes, and provincial statutes commence in Provincial Court.

More than than 95% of the proceedings which commence in Provincial Court remain there to completion.

The Provincial Court has jurisdiction to try almost all indictable offence charges under the Criminal Code (a charge of murder by an adult accused being the main exception) and has exclusive jurisdiction over all summary offence charges under provincial and federal statutes and regulations. If an accused person elects or is subject to trial in the Supreme Court, the Provincial Court may hold a preliminary inquiry.

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Provincial Court Judges have jurisdiction throughout the province. They also preside over inquiries under the Fatality Investigations Act and conduct recounts under the Municipal Elections Act. For more information on Provincial Court Judges, CLICK HERE >>.

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The Provincial Court now has new Rules and Forms (5 Rules and 3 Forms) which govern all applications made before the Court. For more information, CLICK HERE >>

Other Forms used in the Provincial Court can be found HERE >>

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