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Question 10 Question 11 The Court of Probate in each of the districts in Nova Scotia consists of a Judge of Probate (who is the Supreme Court Justice) and the Registrar.

The Probate Court provides for the protection of heirs, legatees and estate creditors. It provides a forum for adjudication without monetary limits, and also holds the authority for the appointment of executors, administrators, appraisers and guardians in relation to all estate matters within its jurisdiction and the supervisory authority for the proper management and distribution of estate assets, the approval of legal fees and the setting of executors'/administrators' commissions and expenses.

All relevant estate documents are recorded and placed in safekeeping at the offices of the Registrar in each probate district.

The Nova Scotia Department of Justice provides administrative and operational support to the court.

For all estates where the Court has issued a "Grant of Probate" on or after October 1, 2001, the Probate Act which is currently in force applies: Probate Act - An Act Respecting the Probate and Administration of the Estates of Deceased Persons

Also relevant are the Probate Court Practice, Procedure and Forms Regulations

When the Court has issued a "Grant of Probate" prior to October 1, 2001, the "old" Probate Act (Revised Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1989, Chapter 359) applies:
see "old Probate Act"
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