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News and Notices From The Past 12 Months

Court of Appeal moves to Summit Place as part of on-going renovations at the Halifax Law Courts. Read more >>

As of January 1, 2013, new Court Rules and Forms will govern all applications made before the Provincial Court.
Details, Rules & Forms >>

Les nouvelles règles et nouveaux formulaires de la Cour provinciale de la Nouvelle-Écosse sont aussi disponible en français >>

Provincial Court of Nova Scotia gets new Associate Chief Judge.

Portrait of the late John D. Embree, Judge of the Provincial Court, is unveiled in Antigonish courthouse ceremony.

Retired Court of Appeal Justice, Malachi C. Jones, dies at the age of 83.

The Honourable Justice Charles E. Haliburton retires after almost 27 years on the Bench and more than 50 years in the legal profession.

Ninety-five absentee jurors will be ordered to appear in court to explain why they did not attend for jury selection.
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The Honourable Pamela S. Williams was sworn-in as Chief Judge of the Provincial and Family Courts on Friday, May 3rd.
Chief Williams is the first woman to be appointed Chief Judge of the two Courts.
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A swearing-in ceremony for Judge Timothy D. Landry was held on December 7th in Yarmouth.
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La cérémonie d'assermentation du juge Timothy D. Landry a eu lieu le 7 décembre 2012 au palais de justice de Yarmouth. Cliquez ici pour regarder la cérémonie >>

The Honourable Robert F. Ferguson, Justice of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court Family Division, retires after 41 years on the Bench. more >>

The Court of Appeal introduces new Judicial Mediation Program. read more >

The Supreme Court has made several amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules. Of particular note are the amendments to Rule 68.03 regarding class action proceedings.
Read Full Notice to the Bar >>
Read Amendments to Rule >>
Rule 68.03 will require the establishment of a Registry of Class Actions. See Registry Web Page >>

Family Court Forms used by individual litigants (not by agencies) are now available in an "interactive" format; meaning they can be filled out on a computer. begin here >>

Nova Scotia's Civil Procedure Rules are now also available in French.
Pour la version non officielle des règles de procédure de la Nouvelle-Écosse en français,
<< cliquez ici >>

Civil Procedure Rules and Forms are now available in an "interactive" format - meaning that the Forms can be filled out and printed on your computer directly from this website.
<< More About Interactive Forms >>
<< The Interactive Rules And Forms >>
<< The Official Civil Procedure Rules >>

Ms. A. E. Anselm has been appointed Prothonotary of the Supreme Court and Deputy Registrar of the Court of Appeal.

Citizenship Ceremony webcast live on Tuesday, April 17th as part of the Canadian Bar Association - Nova Scotia Branch Law Week events.
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The Honourable John D.  Embree, Judge of the Nova Scotia Provincial Court, passed away at his home on March 26th.
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The Courts of Nova Scotia are the first Courts in Canada to "Tweet" news, notices, and decisions. << details >>

Portrait of retired Provincial Court Judge Anne E. Crawford unveiled at Bridgwater courthouse. << details & photos >>

The Honourable Justice Michael J. Wood was sworn-in to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court on October 17th 2011. Justice Wood was appointed in September.
<< details of appointment>>
<< view video archive of ceremony >>

Beginning this month (Oct. 2011), Provincial Courts across Nova Scotia will provide, on request, access to a binder containing log sheets for search warrants which are accessible to the public and the media.
<< read the policy >>

The Honourable Douglas L. MacLellan, Justice of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, has retired after more than 19 years on the Bench. << details >>

The Honourable Paul B. Scovil was sworn-in as Judge of the Nova Scotia Provincial and Family Courts at a ceremony in Bridgewater on August 19th.
View video of the ceremony
More on Judge Scovil's appointment

Re: SH-218010 - Neila Catherine MacQueen And Others v. The Attorney General of Canada And The Attorney General of Nova Scotia
Justice John D. Murphy has rendered his decision. To view an archived copy of the audio and video, << click here >>

Two new papers "From The Bench":
~ "Reflections on the Art ... and Science of Decision Making"
~ "A Series of Reflections on Persuasive Writing"
By Mr. Justice Jamie W.S. Saunders
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The Honourable C. Richard Coughlan will become resident Supreme Court Judge at the Bridgewater courthouse.
<< details >>

Ms. Margaret L. (Peg) MacInnis is the new Executive Director of the Judiciary's Executive Office. << details >>

Dr. Josh Nodelman, the 2011 Cowan Intern from Dalhousie University's Schulich School of Law, joins the Court of Appeal staff for the summer.
<< details >>

The Honourable Warren Zimmer and the Honourable Raymond Morse were sworn-in to the Nova Scotia Provincial and Family Courts on May 6th, 2011.
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<< details of their appointments>>

The FATALITY INQUIRY INTO THE DEATH OF HOWARD HYDE pursuant to the Fatality Investigations Act.
The report by The Honourable Judge Anne S. Derrick ~ Hyde Inquiry Report
Video recordings of the Inquiry hearings are no longer available.

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