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The decisions listed below with blue underlined text can be viewed by clicking on the citation. They are links to PDF files.

These are decisions released publicly by the Courts during the period of April 1 to April 17, 2014. They will be posted to the decision database but there will be a delay before they are indexed and searchable.



C.R. Coatings & Painting Inc. v. International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, Local 1439, 2014 NSCA 40 (Released 4/17/14)

R. v. Bowden, 2014 NSSC 141 (Released 4/17/14)

Keddy v. McGill, 2014 NSSM 15 (Released 4/17/14)




Doncaster v. Field, 2014 NSCA 39 (Released 4/15/14)

Penney v. Tufts, 2014 NSCA 38 (Released 4/11/14)

Doncaster v. Chignecto-Central Regional School Board, 2014 NSCA 37 (Released 4/10/14)

Salah v. Salah, 2014 NSCA 36 (Released 4/10/14)

Delport Realty Ltd. v. Nova Scotia (Registrar General of Service Nova Scotia & Municipal Relations), 2014 NSCA 35 (Released 4/8/14)

Gavel v. Nova Scotia, 2014 NSCA 34 (Released 4/4/14)

Egg Films Inc. v. Nova Scotia (Labour Board), 2014 NSCA 33 (Released 4/3/14)




R. v. Bradley, 2014 NSSC 126 (Released 4/15/14)

Harriss v. Keating Construction Company, 2014 NSSC 135 (Released 4/11/14)

Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation v. Crown Jewel Resort Ranch, Inc., 2014 NSSC 128 (Released 4/11/14)

R. v. Liberatore, 2014 NSSC 55 (Released 4/10/14)

R. v. Johnston, 2014 NSSC 131 (Released 4/10/14)

R. v. Doncaster, 2014 NSSC 130 (Released 4/10/14)

Gallant v. Springhill Institution, 2014 NSSC 122 (Released 4/10/14)

Richards v. Springhill Institution, 2014 NSSC 121 (Released 4/10/14)

Richards v. Springhill Institution, 2014 NSSC 120 (Released 4/10/14)

R. v. Fraser, 2014 NSSC 110 (Released 4/9/14)

R. v. Hynes, 2014 NSSC 119 (Released 4/4/14)

Jarrett v. Halifax (Regional Municipality), 2014 NSSC 116 (Released 4/4/14)

Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation v. Crown Jewel Resort Ranch Inc., 2014 NSSC 105 (Released 4/4/14)

Linden Estate v. CUMIS Life Insurance Company, 2014 NSSC 115(Released 4/4/14)

Armoyan v. Armoyan, 2014 NSSC 117 (Released 4/3/14)





.R. v. MacDonald, 2014 NSPC 14 (Released 4/10/14)

R. v. MacPherson, 2014 NSPC 13 (Released 4/9/14)

R. v. Lombard, 2013 NSPC 133 (Released 4/9/14)




Giles v. Boissonneault, 2014 NSSM 12 (Released 4/11/14)

LeMoine v. Smith, 2014 NSSM 11 (Released 4/11/14)

W.W. v. Shelter Nova Scotia, 2014 NSSM 10 (Released 4/11/14)