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NOTE: The Nova Scotia Bankruptcy Court is now posting its weekly dockets on this website. To view dockets << click here >>

General Information

Question 11 Question 12 Bankruptcy is a system that allows an insolvent debtor to be relieved of most debts by filing an assignment in bankruptcy. All the available property of the bankrupt is turned over to a Trustee who realizes upon it and distributes the proceeds among the bankrupts' creditors in accordance with the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act. The Act also provides a system which enables debtors to make proposals to creditors to pay debts over time, usually at a reduced amount.

The Bankruptcy Court is not a source of legal advice. If you want more information on bankruptcy you may refer to the links on this page or contact a Trustee or lawyer. The Yellow Pages are a good source to locate a Trustee

Useful information - if you are considering filing an assignment of bankruptcy or if you are making a proposal to your creditors.

The Nova Scotia Department of Justice provides administrative and operational support to the court.