Recent Decisions of the Courts of Nova Scotia

The decisions listed below in teal coloured text can be viewed by clicking on the text.

These are decisions released publicly by the Courts during the past two weeks or so. They will be posted on the decision database but there will be a delay before they are indexed and searchable there.

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Oral decisions not posted on this web page or on the Decisions Database may still be available from the Courts - subject to certain restrictions as an audio CD which will need to be transcribed. Contact the courthouse in which the case was heard:

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Today's Releases From The Courts

Friday, December 2, 2016


No decisions today.




Hillside Pines Home for Special Care Society v. Beck, 2016 NSCA 85 (Released 11/18/16)




Chisholm v. Chisholm, 2016 NSSC 325 (Released 11/28/16)

Tawil v. Lawen, 2016 NSSC 323 (Released 11/28/16)

M. R. v. M.R., 2016 NSSC 324 (Released 11/28/16)

Confiant v. Confiant, 2016 NSSC 322 (Released 11/24/16)

Brown v. Nova Scotia (Environment), 2016 NSSC 319 (Released 11/24/16)

O.R. (Re), 2016 NSSC 296 (Released 11/24/16)

Nova Scotia (Community Services) v. K.C., 2016 NSSC 280 (Released 11/24/16)

Homburg v. Stichting Autoriteit Financiele Markten, 2016 NSSC 317 (Released 11/18/16)

Desrosiers v. Pastuck, 2016 NSSC 308 (Released 11/17/16)

R. v. Johnson, 2016 NSSC 297 (Released 11/17/16)

R v. Rushton, 2016 NSSC 313 (Released 11/16/16)

Locke v. Bramwell, 2016 NSSC 300 (Released 11/15/16)




R. v. A.W.H., 2016 NSPC 69 (Released 11/28/16)

R. v. A.W.H., 2016 NSPC 65 (Released 11/28/16)

R. v. Bowser, 2016 NSPC 68 (Released 11/24/16)




Seacoast Automotive Ltd. v. Parsons, 2016 NSSM 54 (Released 11/16/16)

Me and the Boys Construction Inc. v. APM Construction Services Inc., 2016 NSSM 53 (Released 11/16/16)

Moore v. Fairway Insurance Services, 2016 NSSM 52 (Released 11/15/16)

Arab v. M.B., 2016 NSSM 51 (Released 11/15/16)